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An exotically landscaped corner lot in the heart of Burlingame.

Whimsical touches abound inside and outside this artfully resurrected 1913 California bungalow. The Arts and Crafts philosophy is expressed through a seamless blend of interior and exterior spaces, greatly expanding its living area. Summer breezes wistfully enter its many windows and exit reluctantly. The surrounding decks and porches play in shadow and light. There are spaces to warm oneself and spaces to cool, places large enough to congregate and spaces small enough to contemplate. When the waterfall is burbling and the tropical foliage is rustling, there are places where one is not quite certain whether one is inside or out.
We offer this special property in one of San Diego's most attractive neighborhoods after eight years of restoration.
Walk past the porch swing and grasp the unique handle on the original oak and glass door and open it to reveal...

stat sheet - living room - dining room - kitchen - bedrooms - outside - home front

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