Step through the door and close it behind and you are in the private part of the house. To the left past the linen cabinet is the dragonfly room with its distinctive stenciling. The closet contains the only original plaster left in the house - the rest was damaged beyond redemption.

This room has its own private entrance and meditation garden.

Between the dragonfly room and the master bedroom is the main bath, a combination of function and style. The fixtures are period reproductions. A modern shower is tucked unobtrusively into a corner, and a clawfoot tub is highlighted.

The walls are wainscoted, the floors are one inch hexagon tiles with a distinctive border and the light fixture and cabinet are handmade of redwood. The door is the only original part of the bathroom remaining.

The master bedroom is heavily influenced by Greene and Greene.

The walls are of maple. The trim is redwood. The windows are hand made.

It has its own half bath and a gas heating stove.

The New Bungalow states it best: "With the doors open on a summer night, you don't know if you are inside or out. The ultimate bungalows are much more a pavilion in the landscape than a house next to a garden." Step outside.

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